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Distribute to millions of job seekers in one click

distribute your job to millions of job seekers in one click

92% of people do not finish their online job applications.

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How to attract the top candidates?


AI Job Description Generator

Craft the best job post to attract the top talent. AI will suggest skills, responsibilities, qualifications, and even write a personalized message based on pain points. 

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Salary Insights

Location Based Salary Info

Get the salary insights for your location and industry. Know how much you should offer.

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Candidate Profile

Standard Candidate Profile

We parse every uploaded resume to show you the skills, qualifications, employment history, and you can always download the uploaded resume.

Job Distribution and sharing

One click Distribution

Distribute your job

We partnered with the top job boards to send your job posting to them in one click.

Your Optimized career page

Easy Apply

The tedious application process results in highly drop rate.

Each submission will be parsed so you can see a clean candidate profile with skills and experience.

Zapier and Make integration

Automate – as you do

Automate your workflow

Add Hire Yay to your automation by connecting to more than 4000 applications via Zapier and Make.

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